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The Ayurvedic treatment and rejuvenation program ...

Treatments and Rejuvenation

A touch of paradise in your holidays
It is not only the massages and Ayurveda treatments that strengthen your health, but the natural environment, the clean air and seabreeze and the beautiful landscape are going to give you energy as well.

This will help you to regenerate:
You are going to enjoy a great vacation, clean air, delicious food, ayurvedic massages and treatments and herbal remedies (which are suggested to you by our Ayurvedic doctor after the consultation with him/her) and a tropical palmtree garden by the sea. All these elements will strengthen and revitalise you.


Health Program
will enhance your
immune sytem

Agastya Ayurveda Garden Indien


Ayurvedic health program for rejuvenation
Experienced therapists will assist you in this rejuvention with Marma massage and other ayurvedic treatments and herbal medicine. You will benefit from the fresh food and the classical Indian music.

Ayurveda is a gentle healing process. The applications are natural and smooth, not invasive or painful. This kind of medicine requires non verbal communication between the massage therapist and the patient.

Located by the sea

Agastya Garden Indien

Why is Agastya Ayurveda Garden outstanding compared to other ayurvedic centres?
Because of its extraordinary, beautiful location directly by the sea, its huge garden under palmtrees. The ayurvedic massages, fresh food and the wonderful landscape, which frees you from stress and tension and does allow you to relax completely.


Herbal remedies


Ayurveda is more than taking medicine ...
Ayurveda is a way of life. The delicious meals and the wonderful landscape alone are going to promote better health and rejuvenation, and the classical Indian music will support this experience of improvement and development.

Ayurvedic remedies:
Most Ayurvedic remedies are made from plants. All Agastya Garden guests will receive a special herbal preparation for rejuvenation and regeneration during their visit to the garden (included in the price).

In order to treat a specific health problem, the Ayurvedic doctor might prescribes certain herbal remedies (not included in the price).

Ayurvedic massages
and treatments

(just a few examples
of the entire program)

Agastya Garden Indien Shirodara

yoga agastya


Marma-Massage: For strength and rejuvenation. The most frequently practiced massage in South-India. Certain points (similar to acupuncture points) and meridians are massaged. The massage oil used is made from special Ayurvedic herbs.

Pizhichil: For physical and psychical relaxation. Oil is poured over the whole body and is massaged into the skin by two massage-therapists.

Shirodara: Warm oil is slowly poured over your forehead. This massage is used to calm excess vata and to treat insomnia, depression, ...

Many more treatments are available at Agastya Garden, for example: synchron-massage, foot-massage and many others.

Yoga: Daily yoga lessons are offered at Agastya Garden. According to your preference, you may have your private lesson with the teacher or you may want to practice yoga in a small group.

The entire program


Pancha Karma


The duration of a genuine, classical Pancha Karma therapy is 62 days. Panchakarma therapy is a combination of different procedures required to eliminate waste products from the body.

The following Pancha Karma procedures assist in eliminating toxins:

  • Therapeutic vomiting (vamana).

  • Purgation (virechana) promotes elimination from the small intestine.

  • Therapeutic enema (basti) works on the colon to eliminate toxins and strengthens the tissues.

  • Nasya: Nose drops to cleanse toxins from the head and sinuses.

  • Sometimes also Rakta Moksana (blood-letting therapy)

Pancha Karma is preceded by some preliminary procedures - consisting of massage and steam treatment. The Pancha Karma treatment is followed by rehabilitative measures - consisting of diet regime, rest and massages. Therefore, the duration of a classical  Pancha Karma treatment really is 62 days.

It remains a mystery to us, how some people offer a 2 weeks Pancha Karma or even a 3 days Pancha Karma - as this whole series of preliminary procedures, the elimination process and the rehablitative measures take much more time.

If you have enough time, the Ayurvedic doctor at Agastya Garden will
suggest a Pancha Karma to you. If you have less time – 2 or 3 weeks only – the Ayurvedic doctor will suggest different Ayurvedic therapies, which are best suited for your health and regeneration, e.g. Marma massage (regeneration massage), Shiro Dhara, Elakizhi etc., and maybe also some of the Pancha Karma techniques. Each treatment plan will first of all consider your health, your “Doshas” and then also the amount of the time you will spend at Agastya Garden. There are several Ayurvedic therapies which bring very good results in 2 to 3 weeks. At Agastya Garden all Ayurvedic treatments are being offered, but the prescription is carefully weighed according to the time you are going to spend there.




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